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An Online Business Forum Is Where You Can Make Sales and New Friends

One of the best things to happen on the internet is everyday happens in the online business forum community. This is where you can go to meet people who are going through all of the ups and downs you experience everyday. These are a great place to learn and to teach, but they are also great for building your business if you do it right.

One way that happens each day is in your signature file. A good sig file can bring you traffic and sales when people see it and go to your website. This little box below your forum post can be set up to include a hyperlinked keyword that leads to your website or blog.

marketing idea forumDepending on the number of characters you are allowed to put in your sig file you can include links to more than one product or website. Use your best keyword phrases and you will get credit for a backlink from search engines as well.

To get the click you first have to earn a little respect. Most forums will list the number of posts you have made. There more posts you make the more you be read. The better your advice the more you are apt to get a person to visit your website and see what you are up to.

This is a free form of online business advertising that you can not buy. Classified ads by themselves will no produce the same results. Neither will listing your website in search engine directories or other places where you list your website address and a small description of it.

The other invaluable thing to come out of online business forums are joint ventures. The friends you meet today are your future business partners for tomorrow. When you hang out in a forum over a period of time you get to know people. It is almost like finding new best friends and these are the people you may want to be in business with on a new product launch or other internet marketing.

The real key to making forum marketing work for your online business is to provide value to the forum. Value in the type of posts you make. Value in the number of posts you make. Value by not making your forum posts nothing but ads for your business.

If you do this over a period of time an online business forum can be a great source of visitors, leads and revenue.